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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Quentin Tarentino

Jackie Brown (1997)
Ordell Robbie: I got this young nineteen year old country girl named Sheronda. I found her on a bus stop two days outta Georgia, barefoot, country as a chicken coop. I took her to my place in Compton, told her it was Hollywood.  
Louis: She believed you?  
Ordell Robbie: Hell yeah! To her dumb country ass, Compton is Hollywood; closest she's ever been anyway. 
 Ordell Robbie: Jackie can tell me any story that comes into her pretty little head, just so long       as at the end of that story she hands me my motherfucking money. 

Kill Bill: Vol 1 (2003)
It was not my intention to do this in front of you. For that I'm sorry. But you can take my word for it, your mother had it comin'. When you grow up, if you still feel raw about it, I'll be waiting.
The Bride: [gently] Your name is Buck, right? [Buck's eyes widen]  
The Bride: [getting angrier] And you came here to fuck, right?
O-Ren (voice): [in Japanse; subtitled] Look at me, Matsumoto. Take a good look at my face. Look at my eyes. Do I look familiar? Do I look like somebody... you murdered?

Kill Bill Vol.2 (2004)
Bill: Pai Mei taught you the five point palm-exploding heart technique?  
The Bride: Of course he did.  
Bill: Why didn't you tell me?  
The Bride: I don't know... because I'm a bad person. 
Bill: No. You're not a bad person. You're a terrific person. You're my favorite person, but every once in a while, you can be a real cunt.
Now, a staple of the superhero mythology is, there's the superhero and there's the alter ego. Batman is actually Bruce Wayne, Spider-Man is actually Peter Parker. When that character wakes up in the morning, he's Peter Parker. He has to put on a costume to become Spider-Man. And it is in that characteristic Superman stands alone. Superman didn't become Superman. Superman was born Superman. When Superman wakes up in the morning, he's Superman. His alter ego is Clark Kent. His outfit with the big red "S", that's the blanket he was wrapped in as a baby when the Kents found him. Those are his clothes. What Kent wears - the glasses, the business suit - that's the costume. That's the costume Superman wears to blend in with us. Clark Kent is how Superman views us. And what are the characteristics of Clark Kent. He's weak... he's unsure of himself... he's a coward. Clark Kent is Superman's critique on the whole human race.
That woman deserves her revenge... and we deserve to die.
Before that strip turned blue, I was a woman. I was your woman. I was a killer who killed for you. Before that strip turned blue, I would have jumped a motorcycle onto a speeding train... for you. But once that strip turned blue, I could no longer do any of those things. Not anymore. 

Inglourious Basterds (2009)
Shosanna Dreyfus: My name is Shosanna Dreyfus and THIS is the face... of Jewish vengeance! 
Shosanna Dreyfus: [in French; subtitled] I am going to burn down the cinema on Nazi night. And if I'm going to burn down the cinema, which I am, we both know you're not going to let me do it by myself. Because you love me. And I love you. And you're the only person on this earth I can trust.  
Lt. Aldo Raine: [to Utivitch] Ask him what he is gonna do with his uniform when he gets home.  
Pvt. Butz: [through an interpreter] Not only do I intend to take off my uniform, I intend to burn it.  
Lt. Aldo Raine: Nah, see, we don't like that. We like our Nazis in uniform. That way we can spot 'em just like that. We're gonna give you a little something you cant take off.  

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